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Beautiful Ceremonies for Signicant Occasions



Anna Downes ia a trained celebrant who will bring charisma and originality to your special day. 


Anna is also a freelance musician and has extensive experience in the events industry, organising and hosting conferences, charity functions and musical events for both large audiences and more intimate gatherings.


Anna is a natural creative and this means she can guide you through the process of planning a ceremony which is personal and meaningful to you. She has  wealth of resources and experience to help you but she will also encourage you to take the lead if that is your preference. 


Ceremonies can be indoors or outdoors at a venue of your choice – you make the rules!

Joanne Jefferis has over 25 years experience working in the wedding industry. As well as training as a celebrant, Joanne plays the Cello professionally, leads adult workshops and often presents to large audiences at concerts and charitable events. Over the years Joanne has enhanced the ceremonies of countless couples in some of the country’s leading wedding venues. As well as her experience of weddings, she has also had the privilege of being part of funeral services and tributes to those who are sadly no longer with us. Whilst working in a previous role, she has also given support to those who have recently been bereaved.

Joanne prides herself on creating a unique and personal experience for every client. Whether you require a celebrant for a wedding, a naming ceremony or a funeral, she has a true understanding and empathy for the importance of this event in your lives and those of your friends and family. It is absolutely paramount to her that she achieves a sense of who you are, and the things that are central to you or your loved ones lives.

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